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Amidst repeated impeachment calls,Pres. Trump's re-election fundraising proves as resilient as he is

President Donald Trump

Tuesday, Speaker Pelosi announced yet another call for the President's impeachment. The most recent call comes amidst the much anticipated Whistle blower Report release, which appeared to result in another goose egg of incriminating information against the President. Since the beginning of 2019, President Trump's 2020 Re-election Campaign has raised more than $210 Million, which is reportedly more than all of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates combined.

In the 24 hours after Speaker Pelosi's latest impeachment call, the President's fundraising campaign reported $5 Million in donations, with donors contributing from each of the 50 states. Campaign Manager Brad Parscale took to Twitter with the news:

2020 Field of Democratic Presidential Candidates

In increasing efforts to curb support for the President's reelection, the DNC urged donors to stand behind Speaker Pelosi and her efforts to impeach the President. Media outlets report the field of Democratic Presidential Candidates hovering at 20, with Joe Biden ranked #1, and Julian Castro at #10.

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