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Boilermaker Road Closures

Law enforcement will close the entire course at 6:00 AM. Only official vehicles will be permitted along the course at that time. Some intersections will remain open and law enforcement will assist with the crossing of intersections but vehicles will not be able to drive on the course. Additionally, some portions of the course will close at earlier times due to logistics and security concerns. A list of roadway closure times and designated cross intersections are listed below:

15K Start Area Road Closures 5:30 AM on the morning of Sunday July 14th:

Route 5S westbound at Culver ramp

Dwyer Ave. (entire road)

Beechgrove Place from Gilbert Street to Florence Street

Culver Ave from Bleecker Street north.

5K Start Area Road Closures 5:30 AM on the morning of Sunday July 14th:

Routes 12/8/5 at Burrstone Road (all entrances and exits)

Burrstone Road from Sunset Ave to Old Burrstone Road.

Finish Area Road Closures 2:00 AM on the morning of Sunday July 14th:

Court Street from Schuyler Street to Fay Street

Varick Street (entire road)

Columbia Street from Varick Street to Schuyler Street

Whitesboro Street from Lafayette Street to Schuyler Street

Lafayette Street west of Varick Street

The following intersections will remain open for cross traffic until 7:00 AM:

Welshbush Road

Albany Street

Sherman Drive

Oneida Street

Genesee Street

Campbell Ave until 6:45 AM


5K Shuttle Service:

Runners can park at Con-Med on Chenango Road at French Road in Utica and then ride the shuttle to the 5K start. 6:00 am to 6:45 am

15K Shuttle Service:

Birnie Bus pick-ups are located:

Near the finish line at the corner of Court and State Streets.

Near the rear of the Post Race Party area on Whitesboro Street.

Please note that buses begin running at 5:30AM and stop running to the starting line at 7:00AM. Please arrive early.

Participants, attendees and volunteers traveling to the Post Race Party area are encouraged to park on public roadways east of State Street.

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