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Facebook Post Sheds Light On Odd McDonald’s Policy

“In 60+ years I’ve never been thrown out of a public restaurant until yesterday”, said Jane Malin in a Facebook post, which garnered over a thousand reactions, likes and replies in just a few days. Jane says she was insulted and embarrassed - some commenters empathized while others offered potential explanations for the policy, such as the possibility that it may be to counter loitering for free WiFi.

When Malin was approached by news media, she declined, stating that the employee who asked her to leave was very polite, but still asked to convey her displeasure to management.

It seems the Little Falls McDonalds is the odd one out though, as this policy hasn’t been seen elsewhere, and a spokesperson for Tom Clark, owner of several other McDonald’s restaurants in the area says Clark does not endorse the policy, nor does he own the restaurant.

The only statement given on the policy was from a public relations firm in Pennsylvania to WKTV, attributed to Rich Krahling, the Little Falls restaurant owner. The statement was vague and made no mention of the policy, or the complaints regarding it.

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