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Griffo, Buttenschon ask US government to take over management of 2 local landmarks

Senator Joe Griffo, and Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon, are coming together to ask the federal government to take over the care and management of 2 historic local landmarks.

Oriskany Battlefield - site of the Battle of Oriskany on August 6, 1777 - is said to be the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the War of Independence. While the british were attacking Fort Stanwix, General Herkimer assembled 800 militiamen, and 60 allied Oneida warriors to defend against the British siege. Upon hearing of General Herkimer's advance, British forces, aided by Mohawk warriors attacked Herkimer and the troops just west of Oriskany Creek. Our patriots engaged in heavy, hand-to-hand combat, ultimately resulting in the retreat of Sir John Johnson, Col. John Butler and their troops, as well as the Senecas and Mohawks to retreat, defeated by Brigadier General Nathan Herkimer. General Herkimer suffered a leg wound, leading to his death 10 days later. (Source: Parks,Recreation, and Historic Preservation)

Steuben Memorial - honors Baron von Steuben, "Drillmaster of the American Revolution". Congress granted Steuben a lifetime annuity, and NYS deeded von Steuben with a large parcel of land for his services to his country during the war. Baron von Steuben selflessly volunteered his services to President Benjamin Franklin, to train and advise the military, turning them into a well-oiled fighting machine. Steuben died in 1794, and today a large monument marks his final resting place. (Source: Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation.)

The care and management of the two sites, cost NYS approximately $300,000 annually, and the two lawmakers are taking steps to turn them over to the federal government. Both lawmakers say that in addition to saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, if the federal government agrees to take them over, the two sites will be better integrated with other area Revolutionary War History.

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