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Gun buyback event held by Utica police next weekend

The Utica Police Department, in collaboration with the state attorney general's office will be holding a gun buyback event next weekend, Saturday August 21st from 10am to 1pm.

The event is open to gun owners apart from gun dealers or active or retired law enforcement.

The event will be held at the Parkway Recreation Center, 220 Memorial Parkway in Utica, in the upper parking lot off Elm Street.

Those who decide to surrender their firearms will be given a gift card of varying value depending on the firearm being given up.

Non-functioning or antique guns will yield $25 gift card credit.

Rifles and shotguns will yield $75 in gift card credit.

Handguns will yield $150 in gift card credit.

Assault rifles will yield $250 in gift card credit.

Any gun given cannot be loaded and must be placed in a container such as a plastic or paper bag, or a box before being handed over. While supplies last those who hand over handguns or assault rifles will be given one free iPad per person.

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