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New Snowmobiling Law proposed in Oneida County

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol, and Oneida County officials met to discuss a new law that is being proposed in Oneida County regarding Snowmobiling. The new law would establish a set "Snowmobiling Season", and would also require snowmobilers to ride ONLY on designated Snowmobile Trails. Officials say that the law is designed to protect local riders/operators, and have gained support for the proposed legislation from local snowmobile clubs. Snowmobiling season is informally after the hunting season is complete, usually from late December to April 15th. Oneida County is home to over 600 miles of designated, groomed trails for snowmobiling, and those proposing/supporting the new proposed legislation say that if passed, the law will help preserve existing trails, and will also provide some legal protection for local landowners whose properties are the sites of parts of these trails. The law will also strengthen existing laws regarding using, and against leaving the marked snowmobile trails. The proposed legislation could be acted on as soon as this October's meeting of the Board of Legislators.

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