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PRESS RELEASE - New Hartford man arrested for burglary

August 18, 2021

In July 2021, the New Hartford Police Department began to investigate Burglaries and Larceny complaints in the area of Slusser Ave, Lawrence Ave, Wilbur Road, Orange Ave, Golf Ave and businesses at the New Hartford Shopping Center.

The investigation led to the arrest of Robert L. Spano, age 43 of New Hartford being arrested and charged with one count of Burglary 3rd degree, a Class D Felony and two counts of Petit Larceny, which are class A misdemeanors.

Spano is accused of entering a building on Slusser Ave in the afternoon hours on August 2nd 2021 and stealing over $2,400 of items within. Spano is also accused of stealing a shopping cart from Dollar General and using the cart to move stolen items from the burglary. Spano is also charged for stealing a bicycle from a local Bike Shop in the New Hartford Shopping Center on August 9th 2021.

Spano was arraigned at the Oneida County C.A.P. court and remanded to the Oneida County Jail with no bail for having more than 2 prior felony convictions. The New Hartford Police are still investigating several larcenies and burglaries in the area and request you to contact Investigator Freiberger with any information.

Please contact Investigator Freiberger with any questions. (315) 724-7111

From the New Hartford Police Department Facebook page.

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