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Teen arrested for defacing Columbus statue in Utica - Press Release

After having allegedly vandalized the city of Utica's Christopher Columbus statue, a Utica teen was arrested on Tuesday.

The statue was vandalized twice. Once on the 28th of September, and once on the 7th of October.

A reward was offered to any individual who could provide information leading to the arrest of the suspect, but it's unknown if the offer helped with the investigation.

The Utica Police Department issued this press release regarding the arrest.

"As previously reported on two separate occasions, September 28th and October 7th, the Christopher Columbus statue on the corner of Mohawk St and Parkway St was defaced with graffiti and lewd depictions. After an in depth investigation, members of our Criminal Investigations Division as well as our Juvenile Aid Division have made an arrest. On October 13th a 17 year old male was identified and charged with committing these acts on both dates. Due to his age, neither his identity nor the charges levied will be released. We thank the public for all their assistance with this investigation."

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