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*UPDATE on Maleah Davis Abduction*- stepfather, Darion Vence arrested

Darion Vence-Arrested May 11 in disappearance of Maleah Davis

Darion Vence reported Maleah Davis missing last weekend, after he was beat and left unconscious on the side of the road next to his 2 year old son. Vence claimed that 2 men knocked him unconscious, took Maleah, and stole his car. Since Vence's original claim, police have determined that not only does Vence's story not add up, but that he has been changing several details of his story. Vence claimed his car was stolen, yet after reviewing surveillance footage from the hospital parking lot where he was treated, police witnessed the stepfather's vehicle dropping him off at the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. Darion Vence was seen leaving his residence with a full laundry basket, and police have since found that laundry basket empty, in the trunk of Vence's car, with a gasoline can.

Apparently, Maleah's family has a history with Child Protective Services. An agency official says that last August Maleah and her brothers were removed from their home after Maleah suffered a head injury. The children were just returned to the home in February of this year.

Maleah Davis-reported Missing last weekend

Over the course of their investigation thus far, police report having found blood in Darion Vence's apartment, connecting to Maleah. On May 11th, US Marshals arrested Vence without incident near Houston,TX. Vence is charged with tampering with evidence.

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