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Utica Man Arrested After Lewd Act

On April 7th, 2021 at approximately 1:00PM, a seventy-two (72) year old female was walking back to her apartment on the 400 block of Bleecker St when she noticed a male walking behind her. As she entered her building the male followed in behind her and then into the elevator. As the doors in the elevator closed the male grabbed her and pushed her against the elevator wall. The male then began to masturbate in front of her, eventually grabbing her hand and placing it onto himself. As the elevator door opened, she was able to physically remove the male from her and exit the elevator, however the male followed. She was able to enter her apartment, but the male remained outside and continued his lewd acts. The Utica Police Department was called sometime later and an investigation was commenced. A photograph of the male was distributed internally and several officers who were familiar with him provided the investigators with his information. Members of the Warrants Unit were able to locate the suspect soon thereafter and he was transported to the Utica Police Department for processing. At the conclusion of the investigation Antonio Pugh age 35 of Utica was charged with: Sexual abuse in the first degree Burglary in the third degree Public Lewdness

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