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Utica Man Faces Multiple Weapon And Drug Charges After Fleeing Traffic Stop

A man, 21-year-old Fahir Garic, is facing multiple drug and weapon related charges after attempting to flee from a traffic stop on Saturday.

Police arrested Garic after he left the vehicle, reached for something at his waist and attempted to flee the scene, tossing a backpack aside in the process. While attempting to restrain him, Garic reached for something at his waste multiple times, but was stopped each time. While searching him, police found a loaded .40 caliber handgun at Garic's waistband, and the backpack he threw aside was found to contain cash, and some narcotics.

Garic is being charged with, among other things, criminal possession of a firearm, a weapon and a controlled substance. He is scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

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