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Utica man facing illegal weapon charges

On December 19, 2021 at approximately 6:30AM Utica Police Patrol units were dispatched to the area of James St and Steuben St regarding a male lying in the roadway. As they arrived they were directed to a male who was stumbling, swaying, and falling down.

In order to the check the welfare of the party officers approached and attempted to speak with the male, however they soon determined that due to his level of intoxication he could not answer appropriately nor were they able to ascertain any pertinent information about him.

Under the Mental Hygiene Law section 22.09, Police Officers are able to take an individual into custody and mandate them medical services if they present a danger to themselves based on their level of intoxication. The officers determined that this individual met the criteria due to the factors being exhibited.

As the Utica Fire Department arrived to transport the party, they conducted a safety search of him, and upon doing so located a loaded .380 handgun in his jacket pocket. At that point the male was detained in handcuffs and his care remained with the Utica Police Department.

He was then transported to headquarters where he remained under constant supervision due to his condition.

Upon his intoxication level subsiding, Keeshawn Rucker age 21 of Utica, was charged with and booked on the following:

Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd Criminal Possession of a Firearm

From the Utica Police Department Facebook page.

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